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Sales kits demonstrate product advantages

Posted by Hal Chaffee on Sun, May 20, 2012 @ 09:33 PM

A sales call is one thing but a sales call with a sales kit is more likely to focus the potential client's attention on the advantages of a product.

Shown below is a sales kit that demonstrates how this particular storage silo works. The silo is hermetically sealed to keep oxygen out, thus keeping the feed fresher longer.  However, without a special feature, the silo would split open from expansion pressure if the inside air became much hotter than the outside air. If the inside air got much colder than the outside air, the silo's walls would collapse inward.  To prevent that, the top of the silo has two breather bags vented to the outside air. The bags collapse when it is hotter inside than outside and expand when it is colder inside than outside. This design enables the storage silo to keep the feed inside hermetically sealed without splitting open or caving in.

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The question for the salesforce of well over 500 was how to show this breather bag process to potential clients so they believe it and remember it. The answer was the sales kit shown above.

In the bottom of the model silo is an emply aluminum soda can with the bottom missing. When the salesman lights a lighter inside the can the aluminum quickly heats the air inside which in turn collapses the two breather bags. He can then spray a can of fast freeze on the side of the aluminum can to cool the air inside and expand the two breather bags. This quick and memorable demonstration is a powerful factor in the sales process.

Sales kits often double as training aids. Shown below is a sales kit that is also used in training sessions to show how to adjust a crawler track for much longer wear.  The red rings show wear where they meet the white rods. The blue rings/rods are new with no wear. As the red rings wear down, eventually the track loosens up and the rings have to be replaced. 

However this particular design can be adjusted for wear so the track lasts about twice as long. The sales person can rotate the red rings and white rods 180 degrees with the steel tool in the middle of the yellow gear on the left so that they are facing the outside instead of the inside of the track. This puts the unworn half of the ring/rod facing the gear. You can hear and feel the difference by manually rotating the yellow gear on the left while holding the small steel rod in the gear.

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Use sales kits like those above to help sell your product on sales calls or at trade shows. Give your product an edge by focusing on the key product advantages with an impact the client will remember.

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